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Ooooh Sticky & the Greasy Pigs are an international group formed in London at the end of the 80's thanks to guitarist/singer/songwriter Tam Lawrence (Birmingham) and tea-box bassist Chriss Potts (Liverpool). Not long after, the group was joined by the extraordinary Roman percussionist Frisco Landini. Together they traveled from England to Rome where they met polyinstrumentalist/singer/songwriter Mark Di Giuseppe (Chicago) and super accordionist "Lightning" Luca Venitucci. For more than 15 years they've traveled the world together bringing with them their own original rock-country-ska on the streets. For years the band was proud to be able to make huge crowds and sell tons of CD's using instruments that all together weren't worth 50 euro.
The songs are original. The energy is high. The band is not sexy. Ooooh Sticky & the Greasy Pigs are everything that is rock & roll.

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