Japanese T.V. Ads
In the winter of 2004, I got a call asking if I was interested in participating in a casting for doing some TV ads in Japan for a chain of pachinko parlors called Meiho group. I’ve always been fascinated with Japan and so I eagerly accepted. They chose between different one man bands in Italy and I won.
The ads were filmed in HD at Teatro Litta in Milano in February of 2005. In one I play the Bordellofono and do a song that I wrote for the ad called Pachinko Rag. In the other ad I play the Stranierofono and do Scott Joplin’s the Entertainer (which is public domain).

It was a great experience! The ads are nice, but I know I could have done much better if I had a little more time. It was my first experience trying to lip-synch to my own music. That was weird for me.


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Meiho Ads
Thursday 24 February 2005